Pure, natural products which soothe itchy & inflamed skin and assist in keeping your beloved animal friends healthy and happy

From our original Rooibos “Anti-itch” Oil for animals, comes a new range made up of only natural ingredients.

Organic Chamomile flowers are soothing and calming, whilst Organic Rooibos leaves assist in boosting the immune system to help your dog, cat, horse and any other companion animals cope with allergies such as grass, fleas, ticks or food.

From this unique recipe we have created a range of natural products to keep your animal’s skin healthy and coat shining, promoting all round good health.

Discover our range of products for ALL animals


anti itch for dogs cats & horses


A blend of vegetable oils infused with Organic Rooibos leaves and Chamomile flowers.

Natural tasty treats for dogs and cats


A tasty treat full of the goodness of Rooibos leaves, Chamomile flowers and Grapeseed oil.

Rooibos healthy crunch for dogs cats horses and birds


A healthy supplement that enhances the taste of animals’ food.

Rooibos shampoo for dogs, cats and horses


A good cleaning every few months is all your dog needs – One bottle can last a year.

For dogs, cats & horses - our Rooibos products sooth itchy, irritated and inflamed skin.

What people are saying


Without a doubt your Rooibos Oil works for my Beagle’s itch! We ran out and had to order but as we were waiting it has been 2 days since they got their oil and Mila actually started scratching again in the early hours (which has not happened since we started the oil) 

Luckily I found Ebervet Shop in Gordon’s Bay had stock of your Rooibos and Moringa Oil in which I bought.  I went home and gave them their oil 🙂 They were so happy and they literally sit and wait for it after their meal. 

I have also given a friend some for her puppy and she is so happy with the outcome that she is also now adding this to his daily supplements. 

I can only rave about this product as I know it works wonders!

Janine Keyser

I really just want to compliment you on this shampoo. My doggie had endless problems, and I really battled to get the right shampoo, not even the vet shampoo helped. He would scratch his skin rough and had bold patches. He is not itching anymore, full of hair…I bought a sample  about a year ago…and followed up, and got him a big bottle…I really try my best for him. Thanks so much…I can really recommend this product.

Ra-Eesa Shepherd

 My dog is allergy prone (French Bulldog with white fur, so super sensitive skin), and I don’t want to keep putting her through the traditional route of vets and prescribed medication. I opted for the Moringa Oil after a quick google search and thinking it packed a bigger punch with the extra ingredient. I will get the original one as well and try that. I have ordered the crunch as well so will give that too. Thank you for the help, I have heard wonderful things about your oils so fingers crossed I can get her to consume it and heal from the inside out (she is using the shampoo and its the only shampoo out of about 13 we’ve tried that has actually helped her)

Danielle in Gordons Bay

 Just wanted to say that after 11 days of using your product I am starting to see such good results on all 4 of my dogs! Their coats are looking so shiny and they just seem healthier overall. I also give 5ml to my 11 week old puppy. Thanks again for all your help and thank you for your excellent product!

Megan Louw in Durbanville

I first started to use the Rooibos Crunch when my horse had an allergic reaction on his back, and have happily continued using it. He is now a happy, shiny boy! Lovely Product.

Michelle Govender in Durban

I bought this from our local pet store when my boerbull’s foot pads started to cut. It worked beautifully. Very impressed with this product.

Cherie Beedles

I bought a bottle of Rooibos Oil from you for my 2 rottweilers at the dog dancing event in Muizenberg a few weeks back and am extremely impressed with how my dogs are doing on it, especially my bitch who is prone to getting itchy/hotspots. They are both looking glossy and gorgeous.

I belong to and am treasurer of the Cape Rottweiler Club, training at Chukker Road sports complex in Ottery.

Carol & John Florence

I have a large mixed breed dog which had a very bad start in life as she was born in a squatter camp. For over 3 years we have tried just about every product on the market … I was prepared to try anything!!

She has regularly lost more than 70% of her fur – is highly allergic to fleas, rice and dry grass…..and often had an ugly rash too. 

I have added Rooibos and Chamomile Infusion to her food for the past 6 weeks and am excited to report that she is much improved and looking really good. Her rash is GONE and fur thick and shiny.  LONG may this last as I am holding thumbs we have FINALLY found the answer!!!


Ray Nolan

I have been using the Rooibos and Chamomile infused oil for nearly 3 weeks and the results have been fantastic.

I have 3 large dogs and as we live alongside a Forest we are inundated with ticks and fleas, which irritate all 3 dog’s skin horribly. After only a few days I began to notice a considerable change in all 3 dogs. They were livelier, shinier and were definitely scratching a lot less. Within 2 weeks, I had different dogs altogether. Healthier, yet far more relaxed and able to just lie still without scratching and constantly gnawing at themselves. The older female Mastiff was able to move easier and her front elbow joints are less swollen.

All 3 dogs love the taste and I can see in their eyes as they beg me to pour on just a little more.

It is a wonderful medicine and food, which is convenient to use and works like an absolute treat. Simon and Wynter, Scooby and Rosey and Keelah  say Thank you!

Mitchell Gie

We have been using one of your other fantastic products… the anti-itch for our Bull Dog as he has sensitive skin. Once we heard you brought out a shampoo, we had to give it a try.

Wow, we absolutely love it! It lathers really well, you don’t need to use as much as the other shampoos, it smells great and best of all, it is ALL natural.

We are converted and will now only use your shampoo. Thanks for a great product! We look forward to the next!